DIY Party Decor

My event planning company has a 60th birthday to do soon. I did some research and found out that the 60th birthday is the “golden birthday”. The decor for the cake table includes a 6 and a 0 that is made of the same cardboard like material as the box that I used for the card box previously. We decided to go with the gold glitter (even though it is a man’s party) because it stands out better than the gold metalic paint. The shine is perfect.

I used three different types of glitters in my glitter mix.


The numbers came from Hobby Lobby as well as the large chunky glitter. The Recollections and other bottle are both from Michael’s craft store. The middle bottle is more of a bronze-ish type of color and not really gold but it blended really nicely with the other two. You really dont want to have just the one chunky glitter or just the one extra-fine glitter because it brings layers and makes the project look better. In my opinion any way.

I make the glitter mix with a 16oz solo cup and a small “bathroom cup” (or shot glass size) plastic cup, glossy mod podge, and the three glitters.

  1. I pour the amount of mod podge into the 16oz solo cup that I think will be enough for the project.
  2. In the bathroom cup, I only want to fill it half way. SO, I take 1/3 of each color glitter until the cup is halfway full. I put the extra-fine glitters on the bottom and the chunky glitter on the top so that when poured into the mod podge, the chunky glitter will end up at the bottom of the mix and not take over the entire mixture by sitting on the top.
  3. I stirred the mixture with an old pencil because I couldnt find a craft stick to save my life. (LOL)
  4. I use a sponge brush to paint the glue mixture on to the numbers because it doesnt soak up the product like the paint brushes do.


Pardon the chewed up scissors in the background. I had some help with my project and she got ahold of them without me noticing obviously until it was too late.


Long story short.. you adde a layer of the glitter mix until you have covered the places you want to be glittery and then let it dry. The first layer dries the fastest. It takes seconds… maybe 3 minutes at the most to dry. Every layer afterwards will take just a little longer to dry. You must make sure to let the layers dry before painting on the next one because if you do not, the glue will stay wet underneath and create bubbles that can be popped accidentally and then the wet glue will go all over and there will be a crater in it’s place.



After you think you have enough layers on, you can go ahead and let it dry and at this point, I add another coat of gloss. I use Polycrylic. This not only seals the mod podge but it makes it so that water or any other elements can not damage the numbers.


**a lot of youtubers and DIY people will tell you to put down a layer of mod podge and then sprinkle glitter and then cover with another layer of mod podge. I dont subscribe to this method. It is much cleaner and smoother to mix the glitter into the mod podge before painting it on.



These are my numbers still in the process of curing. I will post a photo to this blog post after the party with what they look like all set up! Have a great day!


Sponge Brushes

Glossy Mod Podge

Popsicle Sticks

Solo Cups

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Urban Decay- Naked Heat

OMG OMG OMG! So I have been under a rock for a couple weeks I guess. I forgot all about the Urban Decay release. *sigh* So I am here today to talk about this >>NEW<< palette and show the photos that I have gracefully swiped off of Urban Decay’s website. I am obsessed with this palette and I can not wait for them to be off of backorder!!!! I love Urban Decay and the fact that they are cruelty free. I think that when I look back at all the makeup I have purchased.. Urban Decay was my first “high-end” makeup brand that I ever purchased from. I know that some people don’t like the Naked palettes but I am a fan, I have NEVER had an issue with them. OH WAIT… I did have one issue and I was a little upset but at the end of the day I convinced myself that in some way it was Ulta’s fault even though it wasn’t. I purchased the Naked 3 palette and one of my pans in the palette of one of my favorite shades was loose and pops out of the palette sometimes. I am an adult, it was my choice to keep it when I noticed this issue.. so if it’s anyone’s fault it is mine for not taking it back. But oh well right? It only comes out if I drop my palette on my vanity or counter top or something which I make a conscious effort not to do anyway. The shadows are not damaged.. i just need to through some glue on the back and end the issue all together! 



I am so in love with these colors ❤ I am so happy that Urban Decay decided to go a different direction with their next Naked palette. I was not a fan of the Naked palette or Naked 2 but I absolutely LOVE the Naked 3 palette and I know that my opinion is not a popular one and a lot of people hated that palette but I feel like Naked and Naked 2 were too similar for me. Anyways, I am someone who collects makeup more than I wear it because I have basically always been a collector of sorts and I am mostly SUPER lazy in the morning. Some days my work hours consist or 4am-1pm (LOL) in the blazing kitchen heat and I am in no way shape or form about to be up at 3am caking my face with makeup to go sweat it off all day and waste all the product. This basically leads to me barely ever wearing makeup. But this Urban Decay palette is burning a hole into my wallet I promise you! I am trying so hard to get these Shopkick points popping so I can get the $25 gift card for Sephora. If you don’t know what Shopkick is, I will be doing a blog post that will actually post right after this one that tells ALL ABOUT IT! Let’s see some more photos of the palette to drool over.. shall we?


The packaging is pretty nice too. I have physically held this in store and I was impressed. I would have liked for it to be the similar metal as the Naked 3 but I think that I like the way that each palette has a different type of packaging. The colors are absolutely amazing and the pigment is on point with only a little fall out but at the end of the day, if you cant admit that your beautifully pigmented shadow has fallout.. you are a liar. LOL! To be honest, I have never had an eye shadow that has beautiful colors that provide full coverage that had no fall out. I have had shadows that barely had any pigment and looked amazing in the pan that had no fall out but when you actually applied them… it was like you put nothing on your eyes.. just a million layers of see through something. 


Let’s take a moment and talk about the color names. I am going to pull the list for you now. The website calls them “12 ALL-NEW, can’t-live-without, amber-hued neutrals—including warm browns, burnt oranges and rich siennas.” These are the shades in order as they appear (left to right) in the palette:

OUNCE (ivory shimmer)
CHASER (light nude matte)
SAUCED (soft terra-cotta matte)
LOW BLOW (brown matte)
LUMBRE (copper shimmer w/gold pearl shift)
HE DEVIL (burnt red matte)
DIRTY TALK (metallic burnt red)
SCORCHED (metallic deep red w/gold micro-shimmer)
CAYENNE (deep terra-cotta matte)
EN FUEGO (burgundy matte)
ASHES (deep reddish-brown matte)
EMBER (deep metallic copper-burgundy)


I can say that one thing I am disappointed with is this far shade called “Ashes”. In a lot of the product release photos that I had come across on Instagram and Facebook and even a few people on Youtube that posted about it, the shade that held the place in the palette where “Ashes” is appeared to be a deep plum purple and I was so excited for that. BUT, as luck would have it, the shade is not. I can only blame Instagram filters for this error in thought. I think a shade similar to this text color (for those reading from a computer who can see the color) would have fit nicely. Something similar to their shade “Ether”. That would have been perfect! Anyways… Thanks for joining me as I drooled over these photos and impatiently await the re-stock. Have a great day!


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Build Yourself Back Up When It’s All Falling Down…

What do you do when you find something you are good at and put your all into it and spend so much money to see it prosper and work so hard to see it grown and set a date to put your hard work on display for everybody and price it too low because what it is really worth… nobody would pay because we are all cheap asses. Then the day comes and you spent even more time and money to make displays and set up and even be there in the first place and… nobody wants to pay the lower prices either and you totally bomb. Your confidence that you barely had to start with is crushed, your time and money wasted… everything is in bins and piles in your garage and you are back to square one. Still stuck in a dead end job that is getting you nowhere and making you absolutely miserable, no step closer to moving forward in your life, and still no escape route.


Does anybody have an answer to this? LOL. Sadly, this is my life. I am in this place in my life. I built what I thought was going to be a lucrative and fun business and it has blown up in my face like a volcano. I spent so much time buying fabric and ribbon and thread and everything that goes with it and display stuff and I sold three bows and three bibs and two outfits out of the 100s I have made and all the stuff is sitting in my garage.. wasting space along with all the other stuff that it wasted. I wish I could say that my life was put together and that I had all the answers and all the ingredients to the recipes but in the long run, I am running short on my life goals.

I decided to finally (after almost a year) sit down and take pictures of every bib I made and upload them to the etsy store that I created so long ago that sat empty in preparation for this sale that bombed so hard. Long story short I am trying to make lemonade out of lemons. The goal for this blog after all is to help me sell my crafts and such so that I can quit this job and still bring in the income that I need to keep my family afloat. The moral of this sob story is that even when you have your heart broken and dreams crushed, you have only failed if you stop trying. Do you think that Rome was built in a day? Do you think that the first person who decided to take power got everyone to follow them the moment he decided that he was going to be a leader? Do you think that the first time you try something it is guaranteed to be a success? Absolutely NOT!

Not only does this apply to my business venture and the fact that Tuesday is the motivational day of the week for me, it applies to anything in life. When it all falls down, take a moment to assess the damage and build it back up. It took me over a year to actually add items to the etsy shop that I created which you can find HERE. Things will eventually get better. I dont care what religion you actually practice… we each have a God figure. You will never be given more than you can handle. Your time in the spotlight will come which is why it is always important to never give up when things get hard. I have found a photo that matches this situation perfectly and it always had a place in the back of my mind when I am going through something troubling.


The man on the bottom of this photo is over worked and tired of trying. He literally has to hack away at the wall for like 5 more minutes and the diamonds will come tumbling down on his head yet he has given up because it was hard. The man on the top is clearly determined and is so far but so close with no end in sight… he will be the one to reach success. The man on the bottom will continue all his life in this pattern where he begins something and then gives up when it gets hard OR he will never begin anything again for fear of defeat AGAIN. Little does he know that he was his own saboteur.

Remember this photo next time you are feeling down. Every day when I go to work after being passed over for two promotions.. and other lengthy drama-like details, I think of this picture. Maybe my time with the diamonds is coming? You should think of life this way too.. I promise it will make you feel so much better to wake up with good thoughts on your mind even if your day goes sour afterwards. You will be more tempted to make positive choices and decisions to lead you in a better direction.


Have a good night! See you soon!! ❤

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Top Benefits of Drinking Water

I had to learn about the good that water does for your body the hard way. I never used to drink water, I never wanted to drink water and it was like the last resort.. I am lactose intolerant and I would try to drink chocolate milk before a glass of water. I learned the importance when I first started my weight loss journey for the 4th time. LOL did you notice what I said there? For the 4th time?! LOL see, I’m not a quitter! I just cant follow through with anything… obviously because how many mondays should have been a “whats on the menu monday” and how many tuesdays should have been “motivation tuesdays” so far and I’ve only done one of each?! My shortfalls are not the point today. Today we are talking about water. Below will be an adapted list of the reasons that you should consider adding more water to your daily consumption or why it is a good thing that you have water as a big part of your food/beverage intake. I can for a fact say that it is probably what caused most of the weight loss for me during the military diet because I drank more water than anything because I was still hungry!


The Importance Of Water

Flushes out toxins- to go along with the statement below, there is the scientific answer and then there is my interpretation of it. Basically, the more water you take in, the more your body flushes your system through sweating or urination and this takes all the toxins out with it.

Boosts your immune system- long story short.. #waterislife. We all know that I am not a scientist and you can google everything that I have said here so I am sure that you can google how it boosts your immune system but the most important part to take away from all the science stuff is that if you drink plenty of water, you will help your body to fight off infections and diseases.

Promotes weight loss- as you know, your body is 70% water and your brain is 90% water. When you go through your day and use up the water for energy and sweat etc, the water needs to be replaced to keep a constant cycle going. I found during the military diet that the water that I was drinking during the day curbed my hunger and made it so that I could eat later on instead of the little portion and then starving all day. I am pretty sure that the amount of water that you drink to make yourself not feel the hunger is what caused my weight loss!

Improves skin condition- I have noticed that my skin is much clearer when I am drinking water than it is when I “fall off the wagon” and drink some soda or tea. I have less breakouts and my skin is more combination than oily. I guess because I am going to have combination skin anyway but when I am drinking sugary things, my skin is mostly oily. The only breakouts I get now are attributed to that time of the month or stress and when I say stress, I mean like “OMG if I dont do something this is going to explode.. or blah blah will die or I will crash into a wall” LMAO long story short.. if its not news worthy it doesnt break me out.

Helps maintain regularity- This is another place where I will go into personal details which it may be a little TMI so you can scroll past if you must. I had a period of about a year where I unknowingly poisoned my body daily. I was constantly every day drinking “add water” Lipton Tea powder in a plastic deer park water bottle.. the same one.. every day.. all day… for a month. I developed some sort of condition where swallowing water, a drink, tea, and food would send me to the bathroom IMMEDIATELY! I couldnt eat out, eat during a road trip, or anything and yes liquid also had me in the bathroom.. not urinating! NEVER reuse disposable water bottles! I had no idea! If anyone reading this has ever had  RNY surgery and knows what dumping syndrome is… picture my life hell. After I realized that there was mold in the bottle and under the cap ( which I wish I would have seen way long before). I stopped drinking out of the bottle and started mixing the tea in a glass but at that point I guess it was too late and the damage was done to my body. For 5 years, I struggled with constant diarrhea and sensitivity to eating food. Since starting my weight loss journey… you know.. for the 4th time, I have been able to regulate everything with the addition of  drinking water. This doesnt mean one glass a day either!

Prevents headaches and migraines- I could tell you scientific facts here but this part hits so close to home, I will use my own personal story here. I suffer from severe migraines to which I have prescription drugs to help me function in life while I am in a never ending migraine tunnel. I used to get migraines OFTEN. Sometimes, I would get a migraine and it would stay for a week or up to two weeks at full force. I would be nauseous or throw up, cant eat, cant sleep OR all i do is sleep, angry, sad, and a mix of 100 other emotions because it is pure pain. Probably why my pain tolerance is so high. I dealt with this for so many years of my life. This 4th time starting my weight loss journey that I keep speaking about is because I actually started doing the right things this time. I started drinking water! I bought 1,000 bottles that were cute to put my water in because I like for things to be aesthetically pleasing to keep my attention and I actually make a conscious effort to drink the water! I have not had a bad migraine in about 2 years EXCEPT for this one week which was actually 4 weeks ago when I was VERY stressed out and no amount of medication or water wanted to help me. That is beside the point. If I would have paid attention, I could have cleared this issue for myself long ago! DRINK YOUR WATER!! 

Increases energy- Along with the response below on the brain, the lack of fatigue allows you to have increased energy when your body feels good from the clean natural water as opposed to teas, coffees, sugars and any combination of the three.

Relieves fatigue- Your brain is made up of mostly water. The constant replenishing of water in your body helps to allow you to think and concentrate better.


Your body needs the water to cycle at all times. This is the moral of the story. Water is life. Without water our bodies would not survive. Drink more water.. lose some weight on accident and send me your before and after photos to smile at! 


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The Military Diet

So after trying to lose weight and it not being as successful as I have hoped, I started looking all over the internet for other ways that people are losing weight. I came across The Military Diet and realized that I had found something that might actually work for me. I have seen a lot of blogs talk about it and then I thought…


“What if they are lying for blog views or blog attention?”


So, I thought that the logical thing was to look at YouTube videos. LOL does that even make sense? They could alter anything they want on camera footage that they have edited and uploaded and they could make 3 days out of 2 weeks or a month. I found a woman who actually showed the dates as she went along. Needles to say since I mentioned already, this could have been edited in, but I decided to give her testimony a run for its money and try it myself. I think I was most inclined to believe her because she admittedly spoke about cheating and eating some popcorn and some snacks with her son that she should not have and that should have explained why she didn’t lose the 10 pounds. She was only like a pound or 2 off. I decided that if the military diet made you lose 8 pounds, 9, or 10 then that was good enough. Here are the parameters of the diet:




A slice of toast with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter.

Half a grapefruit.

A cup of coffee or tea (optional).


A slice of toast.

Half a cup of tuna.

A cup of coffee or tea (optional).


A 3-oz (85 grams) serving of meat with a cup of green beans.

A small apple.

Half a banana.

One cup vanilla ice cream.




A slice of toast.

One hard-boiled egg.

Half a banana.

A cup of coffee or tea (optional).


One hard-boiled egg.

A cup of cottage cheese.

5 saltine crackers.

A cup of coffee or tea (optional).


Two hot dogs, with no bun.

Half a cup of carrots and half a cup of broccoli.

Half a banana.

Half a cup of vanilla ice cream.




A 1-ounce slice of cheddar cheese.

5 saltine crackers.

A small apple.

A cup of coffee or tea (optional).


A slice of toast.

One egg, cooked however you like.

A cup of coffee or tea (optional).


A cup of tuna.

Half a banana.

1 cup of vanilla ice cream.

Feel free to drink as much coffee or tea as you want, as long as you don’t add any calories from sugar or cream. Drink plenty of water too.


Above, I took a few photos of how I prepared my green beans*, eggs, and broccoli** at the start. I went ahead the night that I decided to begin and cooked off and prepared everything. The next morning as well as the next two days I was able to go about it without being stressed out. It was perfect. I did cheat because I added some spices and seasonings to the broccoli and green beans but other than that, I went “by the book”.


*For my green beans: I took some fresh green beans from my local farmers market and sautéed them in the pan with chopped onions, minced garlic, smart balance butter, and a little sprinkle of season salt and adobo.

**For my broccoli: I can admit I was into the minced garlic thing! I took my fresh broccoli from the farmers market, minced garlic, a little bit of smart balance butter, grated parmesan cheese, and a little sprinkle of season salt and adobo.

The Results:


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Faux Marble Table Top

Recently, i have developed a love for all things marble! I do enjoy the marble/light wood/gold (or rose gold) combination. I have a bathroom floor that is one piece of roll out viynl faux tiles and it is rippling and a complete mess. When i was considering refinishing it, i was trying to think what i could want to put down. With the help of one of my favorite YouTubers i decided that i would do white marble peel and stick viynl tiles. Below i will post her videos that got this whole idea going. 

I have a set of drawers like the Ikea Alex drawers except there are 7 and they were cheaper and free shipping. The only downside is that they are more shallow but i make it work… honestly i probably need one more 😉. Anyways… i wanted to preserve the top of it so that it doesnt get all scratched up and ruined by the people who share my bathroom and always put their own things there etc. So i thought why not cover the top with marble contact paper?! Amber Scholl (aka the youtuber mentioned above) covered her bathroom counter top with white marble contact paper!!! I loved it. I did attempt to purchase from the link that she provided for hers but i then found it for $6.97 in Lowes hardware store and decided not to use the etsy seller. Now that i have done the top i am considering doing the front trim and the sides but i will wait until my floor is updated before i make my final decision.
ANYWAY- i covered the top of the shelving unit and my hair tool holder.. which is really a magazine holder.. i will put a photo of that as well down below. Here goes my “DIY faux marble table top”. 

Step Onei took some windex on a paper towel and cleaned the top of the drawer unit. I got my contact paper, some scissors, a ruler, and an old credit card. 

Step Twoi really messed this part up… i “measured” but not really. If you look really closely at the photo, you will see a red mark after the 10. That is lip liner because i didnt bring a pen. So i measured the top and then used the ruler to measure the contact paper…. it was way to big but i decided i could cut it off after…. HORRIBLE IDEA PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT!

Step Three- i started to lay down the contact paper and smooth it out with this bendy ruler. BIG MISTAKE AS YOU WILL SEE IN THE NEXT PHOTO. It was working ok but the edges were off because of my poor measurement.


I was so sad… i almost cried. So i pulled it all off the top that had already been laid until the rip and threw it away.

Step Four- i actually measured and cut correctly! Taking the card (not the ruler) and gently spreading out the air bubbles as i went so that it laid flat. 

Here is the finished product! I am so excited about it. I love it! 

If you try this or something similar at home tag me in the photos on instagram @kali_kamala so that i can see!




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The Trusty Denim Jacket

It has been a long time since I have been here at this point. I felt a little like a failure when I looked and saw that the scheduled posts had not even posted *sigh*. So here I am trying to redeem myself by coming on and editing all the scheduled posts. This weekend will be a big weekend followed by many more so I am working hard today to make sure this doesn’t happen again!

I have been seeing a lot of enamel lapel pins for sale lately and I’m like…. “what do you do with them?” I found the answer! I dug out my trusty denim jacket and got to work. I only have a few pins so far… make that 8 in total. I was in a mood where I had decided I wanted to take my weight loss reward trip to Japan. Agree seeing the amount of money my travel partner would need to save and it not being realistic for them, we changed it to somewhere tropical. Anyways, i got these sushi pins at Claire’s and Forever 21. The other 3 are from a local used book store. I absolutely love them and i cant wait to get more so i can space these out. The funny thing is that I dont even like sushi! I started looking on etsy for the pins and OMG $10 each? Ugh 😣 im going to have to outsource this project to or something. 

I do however despite my bickering about the prices of the pins on etsy, have a cart full of about $180 worth of pins 😁 dont judge me. Maybe one day i will go in there and click the purchase button but for now im sticking to shopping around for them cheaper. 

How do you style your denim jackets? Plain? Buttons? Patches? Paint? Lace? Sweatshirt hoods? Sleeveless? Rhinestones? Studs? Comment and let me know! I would love to see them as well! Anyone who sends in photos will have their jacket posted here at the end of the post 😘

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