Build Yourself Back Up When It’s All Falling Down…

What do you do when you find something you are good at and put your all into it and spend so much money to see it prosper and work so hard to see it grown and set a date to put your hard work on display for everybody and price it too low because what it is really worth… nobody would pay because we are all cheap asses. Then the day comes and you spent even more time and money to make displays and set up and even be there in the first place and… nobody wants to pay the lower prices either and you totally bomb. Your confidence that you barely had to start with is crushed, your time and money wasted… everything is in bins and piles in your garage and you are back to square one. Still stuck in a dead end job that is getting you nowhere and making you absolutely miserable, no step closer to moving forward in your life, and still no escape route.


Does anybody have an answer to this? LOL. Sadly, this is my life. I am in this place in my life. I built what I thought was going to be a lucrative and fun business and it has blown up in my face like a volcano. I spent so much time buying fabric and ribbon and thread and everything that goes with it and display stuff and I sold three bows and three bibs and two outfits out of the 100s I have made and all the stuff is sitting in my garage.. wasting space along with all the other stuff that it wasted. I wish I could say that my life was put together and that I had all the answers and all the ingredients to the recipes but in the long run, I am running short on my life goals.

I decided to finally (after almost a year) sit down and take pictures of every bib I made and upload them to the etsy store that I created so long ago that sat empty in preparation for this sale that bombed so hard. Long story short I am trying to make lemonade out of lemons. The goal for this blog after all is to help me sell my crafts and such so that I can quit this job and still bring in the income that I need to keep my family afloat. The moral of this sob story is that even when you have your heart broken and dreams crushed, you have only failed if you stop trying. Do you think that Rome was built in a day? Do you think that the first person who decided to take power got everyone to follow them the moment he decided that he was going to be a leader? Do you think that the first time you try something it is guaranteed to be a success? Absolutely NOT!

Not only does this apply to my business venture and the fact that Tuesday is the motivational day of the week for me, it applies to anything in life. When it all falls down, take a moment to assess the damage and build it back up. It took me over a year to actually add items to the etsy shop that I created which you can find HERE. Things will eventually get better. I dont care what religion you actually practice… we each have a God figure. You will never be given more than you can handle. Your time in the spotlight will come which is why it is always important to never give up when things get hard. I have found a photo that matches this situation perfectly and it always had a place in the back of my mind when I am going through something troubling.


The man on the bottom of this photo is over worked and tired of trying. He literally has to hack away at the wall for like 5 more minutes and the diamonds will come tumbling down on his head yet he has given up because it was hard. The man on the top is clearly determined and is so far but so close with no end in sight… he will be the one to reach success. The man on the bottom will continue all his life in this pattern where he begins something and then gives up when it gets hard OR he will never begin anything again for fear of defeat AGAIN. Little does he know that he was his own saboteur.

Remember this photo next time you are feeling down. Every day when I go to work after being passed over for two promotions.. and other lengthy drama-like details, I think of this picture. Maybe my time with the diamonds is coming? You should think of life this way too.. I promise it will make you feel so much better to wake up with good thoughts on your mind even if your day goes sour afterwards. You will be more tempted to make positive choices and decisions to lead you in a better direction.


Have a good night! See you soon!! ❤

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What’s On The Menu Monday


On Mondays we trade recipes!

High-five to you if you got that movie reference! LOL. So today we will go trade a favorite since I cooked it Saturday and its been on my mind. 

Tandoori Spiced Chicken


The successful man is the one who finds out what is the matter with his business before his competitors do.”

– Roy L. Smith


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My name is Brittney and this is a taste of my life.

Above, you see my 3 children: Jaylen, 7, Bryce, 4, and Maya, 1. My son and I relocated here to North Carolina about 5 years ago. When we arrived here we had a 6 year old yellow lab named Naiyah (inserted below). She passed due to a mast cell tumor on the side of her face a year ago (April 25, 2016). 


Fast forward a little to July. We were searching for another dog to bring into our family. I came across a website that rescues labs (yes we are a lab house). They had a lot of older dogs and a few puppies. At the time, we wanted a puppy that could grow old with us. We saw Maya a black lab/blue nose pitbull mix (whose name was Cara on her listing) and fell in love with her cute little face. We drove ALL THE WAY to Apex, NC to bring her home! Almost a month ago, Bryce was welcomed into our home. Our local neighborhoods have a website that it similar to Facebook which allows us to share resources and vital information, yard sales, babysitting, dog walking, and what ever else. A woman posted about a 4 year old black lab that had a home where they discovered a child in the home was allergic to him. He was adopted by a sweet elderly man and they had a happy life. The elderly man passed and his family tied him to a tree like some sort of lawn ornament. [FYI FOLKS: if you want a dog… its not a decoration for your yard, its not a breeding machine, and its not a punching bag!] Somehow he was taken to the pound in that area and when they read his chip they called the woman who was posting about him. She went to get him and immediately posted for him to have a good home to go to. When we came across her post that night it was like fate! Long story shortened… he is here with us! 

Now that I have turned this into a blog post about my furbabies, let me get back on topic! I am a single mother of 3, I am a student, I am a foodie, I love to travel, and I absolutely LOVE crafting! I used to try to manage 2 different blogs which crashed and burned in the end because 1. it was too much work for me at the time 2. I suffer from bipolar depression and sometimes i just cant adult and I struggled to stay with my posts 3. I was going to school for 3 majors at once like some kind of crazy person. I deleted all content and took time to focus on my studies and my mental health. Now that I have learned to live a somewhat stable life and I have learned about an app that can post blog posts that have been pre-written, I am here again to arise from the ashes like a phoenix and actually keep up with this thing. I love writing and I love reading blogs and it always bothered me that I couldn’t keep up. We are diving in the deep end head-first here folks! 

I have thought about what type of content that I wanted to have for a long time and I remembered that separating the content to 2 different blogs was a bog part in the failure the first time. I decided that this will be a slice of my life. My pets, my travels, my family, my food, my weight loss journey, my crafts, everything! As OCD about things as I am you can be sure that you will be able to pull posts up by the category of which they fall under and you wont have to search through pages of everything to get to one simple recipe! I promise because I absolutely hate to run in circles to find something.

As a self proclaimed animal advocate, I will take a moment to use this platform to try to get across to people about the resources for spaying/neutering your pets. Please contact your local Health Department to find out cheaper options to get your pet spayed or neutered to keep from filling shelters that end up killing the animals if nobody takes them in. If you have a pitbull you can even find free options in some places. Here is our local pet clinic for anyone that is an NC resident:



If you are interested in adopting a lab or lab mix from Apex, NC please visit They accept donations to assist the foster parents in taking care of the pets as well as applications for foster families! If you or someone you know in the area has a lab in need of a new home, PLEASE surrender the animal to Peak Labs and not to the local pound so that they can be taken care of and re-homed and not killed. 

“Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time.”

– Arnold H. Glasgow


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I am all about promoting positivity and 200% anti-bullying. There will be no tolerance here for any of that so please don’t even bother to waste your time. I will do my BEST detective work and leak any and all of your personal information, embarrassing photos, and anything else I come across to chop you back down to size if you bother myself or anyone who comments here. You have been warned! *besitos* ♥

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