Creating an Inspired Eye Look


So if you know anything about me, you know that I love Rihanna and makeup. LOL What more is there to say? Rihanna posted this photo above on Instagram and it immediately inspired me to create my next eye look. I have always admired the people who draw the eye looks on their arm or hand and create the look that way so I figured I would give it a shot instead of doing the makeup look on myself this time. I had plans to play in the Sweet Peach palette by Too Faced and this outfit gave me the perfect look idea. I called it Candied Peach. Let’s get into the look.



I used Wet N Wild, Too Faced, and Aurora cosmetics and then American Crafts and Michaels craft glitter which unfortunately is not eye safe… (if you are a rebel like myself or Rihanna then feel free to go ahead and go for it anyway) I prefer to spend money on eye shadow palettes and mascaras and don’t go for the glitters or lose pigments so I never have owned any glitters that were cosmetic grade (unless there were part of a palette or single shadow like you will see shortly). The lash glue that you see here was not in fact used for eye lashes because I did not apply lashes to my hand. It was used to apply the glitter. I have used this method many times on Halloween.


 The Sweet Peach palette is gorgeous and the shadows are pigmented and have little to no fallout which is perfect for all different looks. The colors I used are shown here in this photo:

sweet peach

White Peach is a cream/white color that I used to do the entire base of the “eye” before applying any other color. I then went ahead and started to define the crease with the color Cobbler. I blended the color Caramelized into the crease and on the outer corner as well as a little on the lash line towards the inner corner just slightly (even though you don’t end up seeing it in the end result). Finally I used some concealer that I did not show (I knew I was going to forget something) Naked Skin in my shade to lighten up the “eyelid” and then packed on the color Bellini. 

inner corner

On the “inner corner” I applied some of this glitter from Wet N Wild. I never use much of this because the product itself is a Vaseline-like texture with glitter in it and when you apply it, it is patchy and there are only a few glitters. You basically have to pack this stuff on in multiple layers and it takes forever to dry down even a little in order to layer it… not ideal so I only used a little.


I used these colors of glitter combined to get the perfect “Rose Gold” that I was going for. I used the American Crafts fine and regular milled glitter in the color Salmon. I used the Michaels brand extra fine milled glitter in the color Caramel. They applied perfectly to the “eyelid” with this Wet N Wild clear eyelash glue.  


Lastly I attempted to do a winged liner which I can not even do on my own eye and it didn’t happen on this “eye” either. I used the Wet N Wild liner pencil to draw the eyeliner and the lashes and then I went over the liner and lashes with the Aurora felt tip liner to make the liner and lashes as black as my soul… yes I love that meme. The final look might be a little off because of my freehand of a closed eye and of course I messed up the eye liner look I was going for but all in all I love this look and would totally rock it with Rihanna’s outfit OR put this look on someone who was rocking this outfit! 


I hope you enjoyed that blog post! What is even better than Rihanna’s existence is that she came out with her own makeup line! OMG!! I am so happy to have the combination of Rihanna and makeup! Fenty Beauty can be purchased here or here or in Sephora stores near you! I must say that I absolutely LOVE her primer, high lighters, and foundation and props to her for dropping a line with so many shades from day one! 

The Too Faced Sweet Peach palette can be purchased here and for all the other amazing products that Too Faced sells you can find them here, here, or here. You can also have that amazing instant gratification by picking up your favorite Too Faced products in person in your local Sephora or Ulta. 

Top Benefits of Drinking Water

I had to learn about the good that water does for your body the hard way. I never used to drink water, I never wanted to drink water and it was like the last resort.. I am lactose intolerant and I would try to drink chocolate milk before a glass of water. I learned the importance when I first started my weight loss journey for the 4th time. LOL did you notice what I said there? For the 4th time?! LOL see, I’m not a quitter! I just cant follow through with anything… obviously because how many mondays should have been a “whats on the menu monday” and how many tuesdays should have been “motivation tuesdays” so far and I’ve only done one of each?! My shortfalls are not the point today. Today we are talking about water. Below will be an adapted list of the reasons that you should consider adding more water to your daily consumption or why it is a good thing that you have water as a big part of your food/beverage intake. I can for a fact say that it is probably what caused most of the weight loss for me during the military diet because I drank more water than anything because I was still hungry!


The Importance Of Water

Flushes out toxins- to go along with the statement below, there is the scientific answer and then there is my interpretation of it. Basically, the more water you take in, the more your body flushes your system through sweating or urination and this takes all the toxins out with it.

Boosts your immune system- long story short.. #waterislife. We all know that I am not a scientist and you can google everything that I have said here so I am sure that you can google how it boosts your immune system but the most important part to take away from all the science stuff is that if you drink plenty of water, you will help your body to fight off infections and diseases.

Promotes weight loss- as you know, your body is 70% water and your brain is 90% water. When you go through your day and use up the water for energy and sweat etc, the water needs to be replaced to keep a constant cycle going. I found during the military diet that the water that I was drinking during the day curbed my hunger and made it so that I could eat later on instead of the little portion and then starving all day. I am pretty sure that the amount of water that you drink to make yourself not feel the hunger is what caused my weight loss!

Improves skin condition- I have noticed that my skin is much clearer when I am drinking water than it is when I “fall off the wagon” and drink some soda or tea. I have less breakouts and my skin is more combination than oily. I guess because I am going to have combination skin anyway but when I am drinking sugary things, my skin is mostly oily. The only breakouts I get now are attributed to that time of the month or stress and when I say stress, I mean like “OMG if I dont do something this is going to explode.. or blah blah will die or I will crash into a wall” LMAO long story short.. if its not news worthy it doesnt break me out.

Helps maintain regularity- This is another place where I will go into personal details which it may be a little TMI so you can scroll past if you must. I had a period of about a year where I unknowingly poisoned my body daily. I was constantly every day drinking “add water” Lipton Tea powder in a plastic deer park water bottle.. the same one.. every day.. all day… for a month. I developed some sort of condition where swallowing water, a drink, tea, and food would send me to the bathroom IMMEDIATELY! I couldnt eat out, eat during a road trip, or anything and yes liquid also had me in the bathroom.. not urinating! NEVER reuse disposable water bottles! I had no idea! If anyone reading this has ever had  RNY surgery and knows what dumping syndrome is… picture my life hell. After I realized that there was mold in the bottle and under the cap ( which I wish I would have seen way long before). I stopped drinking out of the bottle and started mixing the tea in a glass but at that point I guess it was too late and the damage was done to my body. For 5 years, I struggled with constant diarrhea and sensitivity to eating food. Since starting my weight loss journey… you know.. for the 4th time, I have been able to regulate everything with the addition of  drinking water. This doesnt mean one glass a day either!

Prevents headaches and migraines- I could tell you scientific facts here but this part hits so close to home, I will use my own personal story here. I suffer from severe migraines to which I have prescription drugs to help me function in life while I am in a never ending migraine tunnel. I used to get migraines OFTEN. Sometimes, I would get a migraine and it would stay for a week or up to two weeks at full force. I would be nauseous or throw up, cant eat, cant sleep OR all i do is sleep, angry, sad, and a mix of 100 other emotions because it is pure pain. Probably why my pain tolerance is so high. I dealt with this for so many years of my life. This 4th time starting my weight loss journey that I keep speaking about is because I actually started doing the right things this time. I started drinking water! I bought 1,000 bottles that were cute to put my water in because I like for things to be aesthetically pleasing to keep my attention and I actually make a conscious effort to drink the water! I have not had a bad migraine in about 2 years EXCEPT for this one week which was actually 4 weeks ago when I was VERY stressed out and no amount of medication or water wanted to help me. That is beside the point. If I would have paid attention, I could have cleared this issue for myself long ago! DRINK YOUR WATER!! 

Increases energy- Along with the response below on the brain, the lack of fatigue allows you to have increased energy when your body feels good from the clean natural water as opposed to teas, coffees, sugars and any combination of the three.

Relieves fatigue- Your brain is made up of mostly water. The constant replenishing of water in your body helps to allow you to think and concentrate better.


Your body needs the water to cycle at all times. This is the moral of the story. Water is life. Without water our bodies would not survive. Drink more water.. lose some weight on accident and send me your before and after photos to smile at! 


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12th Grade Graduation!

So, I guess this may have seemed like it was going to be about me… HA! NOT!


On Friday June 2nd, we all piled into the car and made the 6 hour hike to Baltimore. When I say “we” I mean myself, my son, my aunt, and BOTH of my furbabies! It was and interesting ride with a 1 year old hyperactive “puppy” who has never been more than 30 minutes in the car. We finally made it to Baltimore around 10 pm. We unpacked my son and my dogs to my mom’s house and then proceeded to drive an hour away back in the opposite direction to our hotel for the trip.



We went Saturday morning to Towson University (GO TIGERS) to watch my sister graduate high school. I was so excited to see her walk across the stage. There were a lot of kids in her class to graduate which was nice to see in this day and age. The graduation was pretty quick and was very nice. Congratulations Brianna, Class of 2017! We know you will go on to do great things!




What do you remember the most about your high school graduation? Leave your comments below!

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Faux Marble Table Top

Recently, i have developed a love for all things marble! I do enjoy the marble/light wood/gold (or rose gold) combination. I have a bathroom floor that is one piece of roll out viynl faux tiles and it is rippling and a complete mess. When i was considering refinishing it, i was trying to think what i could want to put down. With the help of one of my favorite YouTubers i decided that i would do white marble peel and stick viynl tiles. Below i will post her videos that got this whole idea going. 

I have a set of drawers like the Ikea Alex drawers except there are 7 and they were cheaper and free shipping. The only downside is that they are more shallow but i make it work… honestly i probably need one more 😉. Anyways… i wanted to preserve the top of it so that it doesnt get all scratched up and ruined by the people who share my bathroom and always put their own things there etc. So i thought why not cover the top with marble contact paper?! Amber Scholl (aka the youtuber mentioned above) covered her bathroom counter top with white marble contact paper!!! I loved it. I did attempt to purchase from the link that she provided for hers but i then found it for $6.97 in Lowes hardware store and decided not to use the etsy seller. Now that i have done the top i am considering doing the front trim and the sides but i will wait until my floor is updated before i make my final decision.
ANYWAY- i covered the top of the shelving unit and my hair tool holder.. which is really a magazine holder.. i will put a photo of that as well down below. Here goes my “DIY faux marble table top”. 

Step Onei took some windex on a paper towel and cleaned the top of the drawer unit. I got my contact paper, some scissors, a ruler, and an old credit card. 

Step Twoi really messed this part up… i “measured” but not really. If you look really closely at the photo, you will see a red mark after the 10. That is lip liner because i didnt bring a pen. So i measured the top and then used the ruler to measure the contact paper…. it was way to big but i decided i could cut it off after…. HORRIBLE IDEA PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT!

Step Three- i started to lay down the contact paper and smooth it out with this bendy ruler. BIG MISTAKE AS YOU WILL SEE IN THE NEXT PHOTO. It was working ok but the edges were off because of my poor measurement.


I was so sad… i almost cried. So i pulled it all off the top that had already been laid until the rip and threw it away.

Step Four- i actually measured and cut correctly! Taking the card (not the ruler) and gently spreading out the air bubbles as i went so that it laid flat. 

Here is the finished product! I am so excited about it. I love it! 

If you try this or something similar at home tag me in the photos on instagram @kali_kamala so that i can see!




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What’s On The Menu Monday


On Mondays we trade recipes!

High-five to you if you got that movie reference! LOL. So today we will go trade a favorite since I cooked it Saturday and its been on my mind. 

Tandoori Spiced Chicken


The successful man is the one who finds out what is the matter with his business before his competitors do.”

– Roy L. Smith


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My name is Brittney and this is a taste of my life.

Above, you see my 3 children: Jaylen, 7, Bryce, 4, and Maya, 1. My son and I relocated here to North Carolina about 5 years ago. When we arrived here we had a 6 year old yellow lab named Naiyah (inserted below). She passed due to a mast cell tumor on the side of her face a year ago (April 25, 2016). 


Fast forward a little to July. We were searching for another dog to bring into our family. I came across a website that rescues labs (yes we are a lab house). They had a lot of older dogs and a few puppies. At the time, we wanted a puppy that could grow old with us. We saw Maya a black lab/blue nose pitbull mix (whose name was Cara on her listing) and fell in love with her cute little face. We drove ALL THE WAY to Apex, NC to bring her home! Almost a month ago, Bryce was welcomed into our home. Our local neighborhoods have a website that it similar to Facebook which allows us to share resources and vital information, yard sales, babysitting, dog walking, and what ever else. A woman posted about a 4 year old black lab that had a home where they discovered a child in the home was allergic to him. He was adopted by a sweet elderly man and they had a happy life. The elderly man passed and his family tied him to a tree like some sort of lawn ornament. [FYI FOLKS: if you want a dog… its not a decoration for your yard, its not a breeding machine, and its not a punching bag!] Somehow he was taken to the pound in that area and when they read his chip they called the woman who was posting about him. She went to get him and immediately posted for him to have a good home to go to. When we came across her post that night it was like fate! Long story shortened… he is here with us! 

Now that I have turned this into a blog post about my furbabies, let me get back on topic! I am a single mother of 3, I am a student, I am a foodie, I love to travel, and I absolutely LOVE crafting! I used to try to manage 2 different blogs which crashed and burned in the end because 1. it was too much work for me at the time 2. I suffer from bipolar depression and sometimes i just cant adult and I struggled to stay with my posts 3. I was going to school for 3 majors at once like some kind of crazy person. I deleted all content and took time to focus on my studies and my mental health. Now that I have learned to live a somewhat stable life and I have learned about an app that can post blog posts that have been pre-written, I am here again to arise from the ashes like a phoenix and actually keep up with this thing. I love writing and I love reading blogs and it always bothered me that I couldn’t keep up. We are diving in the deep end head-first here folks! 

I have thought about what type of content that I wanted to have for a long time and I remembered that separating the content to 2 different blogs was a bog part in the failure the first time. I decided that this will be a slice of my life. My pets, my travels, my family, my food, my weight loss journey, my crafts, everything! As OCD about things as I am you can be sure that you will be able to pull posts up by the category of which they fall under and you wont have to search through pages of everything to get to one simple recipe! I promise because I absolutely hate to run in circles to find something.

As a self proclaimed animal advocate, I will take a moment to use this platform to try to get across to people about the resources for spaying/neutering your pets. Please contact your local Health Department to find out cheaper options to get your pet spayed or neutered to keep from filling shelters that end up killing the animals if nobody takes them in. If you have a pitbull you can even find free options in some places. Here is our local pet clinic for anyone that is an NC resident:



If you are interested in adopting a lab or lab mix from Apex, NC please visit They accept donations to assist the foster parents in taking care of the pets as well as applications for foster families! If you or someone you know in the area has a lab in need of a new home, PLEASE surrender the animal to Peak Labs and not to the local pound so that they can be taken care of and re-homed and not killed. 

“Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time.”

– Arnold H. Glasgow


⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒⇒TROLLS BEWARE⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐⇐

I am all about promoting positivity and 200% anti-bullying. There will be no tolerance here for any of that so please don’t even bother to waste your time. I will do my BEST detective work and leak any and all of your personal information, embarrassing photos, and anything else I come across to chop you back down to size if you bother myself or anyone who comments here. You have been warned! *besitos* ♥

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