Christmas 2016

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The photo above is my son in Savannah, GA at the hotel we stayed in on the way to Florida. So since its almost that time again and we are planning what to do for Christmas this year, I wanted to talk about what happened last year. For Christmas 2016, we spent 5 days in paradise! We drove from High Point, NC to Cocoa Beach, FL but not before stopping in Orange County. There is a small town called Christmas, FL and it was absolutely adorable! 




We have family in Melbourne, FL. However, I under estimated the proximity of Cocoa Beach and Melbourne. LOL, although they are like 30-45 minutes apart, I thought they were closer and booked our hotel BEACH-FRONT for the 4 nights. It was the nicest place and as a  Hilton employee, at the time, I had secured the room at an amazing rate! We were able to spend some time at the outdoor deck/bar/pool/lounge area that had private access to the beach. The deck was huge with lounge seating, fire pits and heaters, the pool and children’s splash pad, and the bar with outdoor seating for food service. We literally spent every night there. We took some time to go to the beach even though the water was FREEZING! On Christmas Eve, we got up super early and made our way to the beach to watch one of the most amazing things that I have ever seen… SURFING SANTAS! It was insane. There were 100s of men and women dressed as santa in the water surfing all at the same time and from all over the world! These photos were taken by the local paper. The crowd was massive! While there were a lot of drones in the air taking photos and footage, I was unable to locate a photo from 2016 that was able to show the entire beach.. they were all from 2015. 





We spent Christmas Eve night in Melbourne where we went to a local golf course that had set up a drive through Christmas display. There were lights and blow up figures, wooden figures, wire and light wrapped figures.. it was so cute but took ABSOLUTELY FOREVER to get through. We listened to Christmas music the whole way. Is now a good time to mention how I HATE Christmas music? LOL! Overall, we had an amazing time and returned to Melbourne Christmas Day to celebrate with my grandparents in their home. 


The day after Christmas, we drove an hour up to Orlando to go to The Florida Mall. When we were planning things to do in Florida during our trip, I found that there were a lot of cute museums and things to do but we were so happy to be in the 80 degree weather and be outside in summer clothes in December that we did not end up doing half of the things that I found. One thing that I did find was The Crayola Experience. The Florida Mall houses the building and it is HUGE! I was looking around on Groupon and was able to purchase the 4 tickets that I needed and the best part was that you could use them when ever you wanted and not on any specific day! We left early in the morning to get there by the time they opened. We were in there for hours. Crayola did a great job on that place. My only complaint was that there were a few things that were out of order and upon reading reviews afterwards.. this was a re-occuring thing. It didnt matter! We had a great time and the gift shop… wow! There is a photo I will insert of the WALL OF CRAYONS AND MARKERS that are in every color that is currently out. They do retire colors which I was unaware of.. so a few colors that I knew growing up were not there but it didnt make a difference. For $20 we purchased a tin bucket with a handle (kind of like a paint bucket) that fit every single crayon and marker plus more! So that is what we did, got every single color plus extras of the ones that we really liked and that we knew we would use a lot of (yes I am 27 and still color). Here are the photos of The Crayola Experience. I did come to find when making this post that a lot of footage that I had taken from the trip is lost somewhere and I am still actively searching for it (The huge tree in the hotel in FL, christmas photos, hotel deck photos, beach photos.. etc). Enjoy! 



The last photo above is the crayon wall as mentioned! We are thinking of going back to Florida this year for Christmas again. I must say, from not being a FLorida resident and not having to be there all year and withstand the temperatures etc, I truely felt like we were in paradise! I have fallen in love with sandmen in place of snowmen and leaving Santa cookies and cold lemonade. I would recommend everyone experience Christmas in Florida at least once in their lives! As for now, Happy Fall! Enjoy the upcoming holidays, then, let me know how you spend your Christmas this year or how you have spent them in the past that were most memorable! I will continue to search for the other photos and try to add them in here at the bottom if I find them.

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