DIY Fall Wall Art to Match your Aesthetic

So obviously, I have not been here in a while. I do apologize for that. My family has moved from chaos in North Carolina back to our original “hometown” in Baltimore, MD!! With getting my son into 3rd grade (OMG I’M GETTING OLD) and getting myself back into school and just the hassle of moving a lot of stuff into a small space has been so tiring and I have not had time to do any DIY or craft projects until NOW!


Today…… well actually around 5 am this morning…… I was on Pinterest  (click here to see my boards) and was specifically looking for people who had the black, white, and gold aesthetic with fall decor. I was able to find some things and being as how I live on a ramen noodle budget and am currently unemployed WELL.. I wont be spending any money that comes my way on decor that’s for sure!

I got to thinking… The majority of my putting away of all the stuff I have is craft supplies……. I CAN MAKE IT MYSELF!! So here we go into my 5:30am manic state infused crafting spree lol. I will tell you what I did and what I have (and where you can buy it) OR you can be like me and take the idea and run with it and do your own thing! I didn’t take pictures during the process which I should have but to be honest I was so into doing the project that I forgot the entire point of it! Let’s go! Please click on any of the hyperlinks to find the items mentioned and for more of the inspiration that I had for fall and Halloween please see my Pinterest boards!


To make sure that my decor matched my room, I searched on Pinterest for ideas of things that were in BLACK, WHITE, & GOLD for FALL DECOR. I also clicked a bunch of the other tabs that show up asking what location of the home the decor is for, if you wanted “diy items” etc until I found wall art and painted pumpkins and all kinds of garland. I have 3 styrofoam pumpkins from Dollar Tree and some paper and things to make garland so eventually I will post a blog about the entire fall decor set of items that I created but for now we are talking WALL ART! I used 2 square gold canvases (that came in a 4 pack, 2 gold 2 silver, from Michaels at some point although I can not find them for sale anymore) and 1 rectangular canvas that I got in a bulk pack from Michaels it might be a 5×7 or 8×10 but they always have them in the painting section and sometimes if you look at their weekly circular the bulk packs go on sale for like 10 for $10. I wrote all that to say that I didn’t paint the gold canvases gold… that felt like one of those rambling sentences where the person doesn’t breathe in between. LOL! ANYWAYS now that that is out-of-the-way, I used Artists Loft titanium white and lamp black & a mixture of three golds to get the gold I wanted. I used metallic Gold from Folkart, Gold Glitter from Americana (dries clear with gold glitter), and a gold paint from Craft Smart that I don’t remember the name of. I used my set of Simply Simmons brushes to paint with, 1 #12 Round, 1 #10 Liner, and #8 Flat. Here’s the kicker, I was getting irritated with the way the gold paint was applying so I started painting with a short skewer.. the pointed tip allowed for paint to pool on the end (much like a dotting tool for nail art) and made it easier to get the even coat and straight lines for the spider and text! 

My Pinterest board is where I found the inspiration for the designs that I painted. If you want to take a look over there simply access this board or click my Pinterest link above and go the long way. Anything Fall will be stored in that board and there will be more to come per season because I love redecorating per season while keeping on the black, white, gold, faux fur, and marble theme because it is what makes my home feel comfortable to me. Always check back on my Pinterest for new upcoming seasons and ideas on everything from organizing, cleaning, meals, decor, and anything else I could possibly imagine! Here is the final product:



Thanks for joining me! To help me to continue to bring you exciting content, check out my Patreon page you will gain access to exclusive content as well as help bring all the goods here to my blog. If you want to further help OR help without making a donation please shop via my Amazon Affiliate link (this link will take you to paint brushes for this diy but they can be found all around my blog). I will also be posting items that I have for sale on a blog post very shortly where you can shop the post and then make a payment via Paypal. 

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