Have You Ever Heard of Shopkick?

Today, I mentioned Shopkick, a phone app, in my last post. I figured that I would get on here and tell you all about this wonderful hidden treasure so that you can earn free gift cards too! I am going to tell you all about it and if you would like to earn some free kicks for accepting my invite leave your email addresses below in the comments. If not, just download the app and sign up! 



Shopkick is a phone app that you can download and earn free gift cards. You can earn “kicks” by walking into select stores, by making purchases for certain items in select stores, OR by scanning certain items in select stores. Let’s get into the details of the information I just provided.



You must have data connection either via wifi in the store or on your own cellular data. You must have bluetooth enabled on your phone before you walk into the store. When you get into the store’s front door, you can move out of the way of course but you must open the app there. Participating store have a frequency signal at the entrance that allows for Shopkick to verify that you are in fact at the location you claim to be. The frequency is picked up on the bluetooth connection. Shopkick will know what store you are in and will grant you the “Walk In Kicks” for the store that you are in if any are avaiable.




To get kicks for scans, you must first make sure that the store you are in has this option enabled. You can go around the store and scan the barcode of the items listed in the scans section of the app and then the points will upload immediately to your account. These items can only be scanned so many times so if you see them as an option in another store, once you have scanned them X number of times, they may show disabled in another location even if you never scanned them in that store before. 



You can get scans for purchases in certain stores as well. You will see the icons displayed on each store pertaining to what is available there. You will see a list of items at some stores that say if you purchase these items, you will get X amount of kicks per item. In other stores you get so many kicks per $1 you spend and it doesnt matter what you purchase. The only thing about getting kicks this way is that they do not immediately go into your account. You must wait 30 days for the kicks to be awarded to you. I think they do it this way because people were purchasing items to get the kicks and then returning them once the kicks were available to them. You also must make purchases via credit and not debit to receive the kicks and link the cards you will be using to your Shopkick account. I am not including a photo of this screen because I dont want my card info to be released into the interwebs but you can find it on your own. 

There are also little ways within the app itself that you can earn kicks without even going to a single store. If you plan to earn all your kicks this way… it will literally take you FOREVER. You will not have much success. You can go into the “Discover” tab at the bottom and there will be a bunch of tiles. You will learn that there are some tiles that you dont even need to bother with such as the tiles outlined in white or the recipe tiles (unless you want the recipe of course) and the tiles that are product adds. These tiles have no secret kicks in them. The other tiles sometimes have hidden bubbles at the bottom of the list that you can click to get 1 kick added to your account for each bubble you find. There are some tiles that have commercials (an actual short commercial video) that will say something to the effect of “watch for 10 kicks” or “watch for 5 kicks” that if you watch will award you 10 or 5 kicks! 

The first image here has a small blue bubble at the bottom that you would  click to reveal 1 kick as shown in the second image. The last image here shows the video commercials I have watched them already so it does not display the “watch for 10 kicks” like it had previously.


More info you need to know:

There is a tab labeled “Stores” that allows you to see all the stores in your area that participate with Shopkick. If you notice underneath the name of the store there is a row of icons and numbers. The little man means that you can get kicks for walking in, the barcode means that you get kicks for scanning products, and the receipt means that you get kicks for purchasing certain products. Sometimes in some stores, it does not matter what item you purchase and you will get kicks per $1 spent like I mentioned before.


When you sign up and start to make your account you can pick what reward you want. Pictured below are some options that you can choose from but there are many more. Each reward will tell you how many kicks you need to earn to redeem this reward. There are also more tiers within these rewards. When I show the next photo I will explain this a little more.


You will have this screen that I have taken a photo of that will show you how many kicks you have. The circle will fill in white with your progress. You will notice that I have completed the requirements for a $10 Sephora gift card but my goal is the $25 step up. The amount of kicks you need for the step up is 6,250. I have a reminder here inside the circle that I need to get 2,500 kicks in order to earn the $10 gift card but now with my current balance I only need 2,132 to get the $25 gift card. If you were to click on each of the options of prizes, there is a row of amounts within and it tells you what you need to earn each different amount. As you see in the photo below, there are a lot of things to click on this screen. You can change the reward that you have chosen if you decide that you dont want it anymore. You can see your kick activity and see what you have earned. Also, for the purchases and kicks per $1 rewards, this is where you will see when your kicks will be released to you. When you complete your kick goal you should always redeem the reward if that is the one you really want so you can go on to continue earning. The kick goals that you have claimed will appear in the “My Rewards” section. Mine shows (0) because I have already used the one $25 that I have redeemed.


This is a real thing. This does take some time. This will benefit you! I promise that if you open your app and earn your kicks that this app will bring you happiness! I couldnt believe that it really worked. I was so scared that when I walked into Sephora and tried to make a purchase with this gift card that it was not going to work and it did. It was the best feeling ever. It’s like you get something back for shopping. You dont even have to make purchases to walk into stores and scan and get walk in points! I recommend Shopkick to anyone who lives in Walmart or Target because there are always various kicks to be found there. On holiday weekends they try to drive business to stores so some stores will offer a higher amount of walk in kicks or higher kicks per $1 spent and so on. Always check the app and you will do great. I had to put a note on my car that reminds me to open my Shopkick app when I get to a store because I cant tell you how many times I forget until I have made it back home and miss out on kicks. It was so easy for me to get up to the 4,000+ kicks that I have gotten. If you get your family and friends to sign up, you each get 250 kicks for doing nothing but signing up! There is one catch. If you sign up a lot of people at once and they all join, they will put a restriction on. It will say that you will earn the 250 kicks for signing them up as soon as they open their app and use it for the first time. I believe that when I signed my uncle up, it wanted him to go to any available store and scan a product before it would release the kicks to us. This is just so you are not in your home with various devices creating accounts and signing up and cheating the system.

You can look all over the internet and there are people who try to cheat the system and try to get kicks from home. Recording the sounds at the entry way of the store for the app to pick up and fake codes to enter in and so forth. If you are successful enough to get these to work, after all the updating to prevent against this that they have done, and you get caught.. they will disable your account and block you from being able to recreate another account.


Shopkick wisely and dont ruin it for the rest of us.. it has changed so much since I first signed up. At first you could scan products in your home that you had that were on the list and the “discover: tab was different.. it has come a long way. ENJOY!

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