Re-purposed Dresser Drawer

I have been watching my aunt in the garage painting furniture for the past month or so. She started with a chest of drawers and has refinished it and fixed the top of it so that it takes baskets instead of the two top drawers. Long story short, I have been gifted those drawers to do something with them myself. I have searched far and wide (mainly ALL OVER Pinterest) and have come up with the perfect idea for the two drawers.




You can read this person’s blog post here.

So… I found these Pinterest posts that show someone’s etsy page with the dog beds made from old drawers and I thought to myself.. OMG THAT’S IT! I went out yesterday and found a paint color. While I was doing my weekly shopping, I ended up in Walmart. I wandered over to their fabric section before I made my way to the checkout and found the perfect fabric to do the cushion part. I had been having great success which seemed too good to be true so I decided to test my luck. I stopped at three other stores before I got home.

I stopped at Hobby Lobby, Michaels, and Lowes. At Hobby Lobby, I found a large scroll like piece of wood to decorate the front of the drawer. At Michaels, I found another pack of the same scroll like pieces of wood that I couldnt find at Hobby Lobby. At Lowes, I found 4 legs to put on the bottom of the drawer. They are adorable!  A little hint with the blog post colors here is that the drawer will be painted lilac purple and the legs and scroll like pieces will be painted in this sort of lime green color. I am in love with this because they match the fabric and the theme I was going for. 

I have also come up with this idea that I was going to create a place to hang dog collars and leads. I had previously purchased the items I needed to create this wall plaque but I had never painted or even started the project. I thought that the purple I had purchased was GORGEOUS and something possessed me to start painting the plaque in the purple. I have decided that when I do sell these items, they will be sold as a set because they match… or they will! At this time, I will add in the photos of the things that I have put the first layer of paint on but it may take a while for me to upload the final photos of the finished product because my schedule is a little crazy right now. Here is the photo containing the scrolls, legs, and plaque. 🙂




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