Motivational Thoughts…

I have always wondered why I can not follow through with things. Then one day it hit me. I have no self confidence, I have no self esteem, I have no faith in my abilities. I have been raised to just let life wash over me like a tidal wave and take it.. drowning and choking on sea life all the while. I know better as an adult who has been through so much but sometimes it is hard to pull your mind from that dark place. Sometimes you cant see the light at the end of the tunnel. Sometimes those things you know you can do.. seem like you can never figure them out…. Dont listen to those voices.

I recently started a hobby that I posted a sneak peak sort of tease blog about called Pour Painting. I have always loved mixed media abstract art and I finally learned a little something. I looked at my finished pieces and thought to myself “wow I cant believe I made this”… WHAT?! Who says that? Like I am not good enough to do something like that? Have mercy… Please if you ever feel down on yourself and like you are not good enough, dont listen to the voices that whisper that you can never do it, that you wont make it, that you cant get it done, that it wont happen… dont listen


You are strong, you are powerful, you are driven, and you will go far!


If nobody else tells you about your worth, you can meet me here at least once a week foe me to tell you that you are somebody and you mean something to somebody.. without my son, I would have never had this person to tell me these things in my life so I would like to pass it on!


Have a great day! Smile.. its beautiful on you!


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