30 Minute Foot Detox Soak

Since I have been having foot issues and health issues, I am always on the look out for those home remedies to try and help me improve my issues while trying to lose the weight to finally end the issues. ANYWAYS, I found this detox foot soak and I thought that it sounded pretty good. I must admit that I was skeptical at first and unsure if it would really work but continue reading to see what happened…


There are 4 ingredients to this foot soak

(I will include a link to each ingredient through Amazon)

Epsom Salt 

Sea Salt

Baking Soda

Lavender Essential Oil

The directions to this foot soak are simple. You will need to mix together 1 cup of Epsom Salt, 1 cup of Sea Salt, 2 cups of Baking Soda, and several drops of Lavender Essential Oil. Mix these ingredients well. You will need to take about 1/4 cup of this mixture and mix it into hot water (as hot as you can tolerate) and stir until the mixture dissolves. Pour the mixture into a foot bath. You should set a timer and soak your feet for 30 minutes. Keep a towel handy to dry your feet after soaking.

The water at the end will be based on what organs or part of the body detoxed.

  • Black- From the liver
  • Black Flecks- Heavy Metals
  • Brown- From the liver, cellular debris, tobacco
  • Dark Green- from the gallbladder
  • Orange- from the joints
  • Red Flecks- Blood clot materials
  • White Cheese Like Particles- yeast
  • White Foam- Lymphatic system
  • Yellow/Green- from Kidneys, bladder, urinary tract, female/prostate area

I soaked my feet for 30 minutes and I must say that it felt SOOOOOO good to have my feet in the water. I had white foamy water at the end of the detox soak. I was not sure what color I would end up with to be honest. I did feel sleepy after I was finished and I did read on a couple blogs that you shouldnt do this alone or before you need to drive or work etc. I took a nap after. My feet felt great after the soak and I have been having severe foot pain for the last 5 years of my life. They felt so good and I could walk without having my cushioned Nike sandals on. I added the link to them for fun but if you have foot issues, they feel AH-MAY-ZING to walk in. Let me know how you do, what color water you end up with.


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