Grow Healthier Nails??

Today, I wanted to talk about something that I recently became consciously aware of. I love to see people with long NATURAL nails. I have never been able to grow out my nails very far past the top of my finger because the nail would break or some would grow faster than the others etc. So I have been on the hunt for a goof product to buy to grow my nails the same length and strong and healthy so they are not breaking. I have spent maybe $30 total on crap that didnt work…. YAY! *not*


If anybody reading this knows me in person, you know I love to coupon and one place that I coupon A LOT is Walgreens! One good thing about Walgreens is that any amount of money you spend goes on your store card account as points towards $5, $10, or more off of any given purchase. I am always looking for things on sale when I have extra money to add to my total purchase to give me more points. You also get points for buying personal care items too! Anything that falls under health and beauty basically qualifies you for those points. Once you spend $50 on those items you earn… something LOL I forgot what it is >_< yikes. ANYWAYS, the point to that is that I am almost at $50 and I wanted the points so I was in the health and beauty section. I found some Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies that were on sale so I threw them in the cart and went about my business.


450 This is the bottle of Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails strawberry flavored gummies that I bought at Walgreens. The original price was $8.59 however, it’s been a while and I cant find the receipt so I forgot the sale price and the sale is long over so it doesnt even matter LOL. I have been using these for 2 months. The first month, I was not using them properly… I probably used them for 4 days out of the first month. I used them every day the second month. You take 2 gummies per day with a meal. I was taking one in the morning and one at night. I will say that I did not pay attention to the length of my hair because ever since I cut my hair short (my Welcome picture) I have felt like it grows so slow. I can say that I have had improvement in my skin as well. I have had only 3 breakouts on my face in the past 2 months and normally there are different ones per week or.. well more than 3 in the course of a month let alone 2 months. I can also attest to the skin quality because NORMALLY I have a million “hang nails” or whatever you call that loose skin around your nails (see the image below). I would basically go ahead and say that my fingers would look pretty much exactly like this photo below and lord help me… it’s gross!


So, My nails grew out nice and they are mostly even, the skin is nice around the nail, and my hair may or may not be longer. This $9 bottle of gummies IS AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG!! LOL I am obsessed! So now I am adding my photo of my nails… I totally forgot to do this before when I scheduled this post. I had to come back and add it and of course my hands were dirty from doing my Detox Foot Soak! (there is baking soda on my hands and in the nail crevices ugh gross) So here is the photo…

image1 (1)

Please excuse the ring finger lol that nail grows down.. like if I let it get long, it would probably curl under! The baking soda is all in the cracks and crevices GREAAAAAATT.. not 😦

Long story short, my nails NEVER have been able to be this long without these gummies. I have put away food trucks, breaking down boxes, packing, cleaning, typing… etc and nothing has broken for more than a month!! (P.S. Drink your water to help them grown too!) I love these gummies and I recommend them to all. There are other places I have found on a google search that sell them a little cheaper but they are worth it either way.




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