♥ Wedding Cards ♥

Recently, I have a few people in my life that have gotten married. I put my crafting skills to good use and made some card boxes for their weddings! I am going to put the “directions” below on how I made the one that will be listed here and then after that I can post a photo of the larger one that I made for my best friend which I will not be posting the directions for.



FIRST: When I found out my client’s budget, I went ahead and bought a single square box from the craft store. [7 piece square box set] If you go into the physical store, you can purchase them one by one. I selected the biggest size box that they had so that they could have enough room for all of their cards. Here is the list of the items that I used.



I went ahead and decided that I wanted to do a sort of gradient on the sides with the pages that I had chosen and the mod podge. I must admit that after I did it, I was not 100% in love with it but the client loved it so that was all that mattered. I started by covering the entire box and then went back for the lid.



The lid was covered in this pattern of scrapbook paper and mod podge. I went ahead and started covering the S in clear rhinestones while the lid was drying. After I had finished, I was thinking that the lid would need something more to decorate the hole so I went back to Hobby Lobby and purchased some gorgeous lace that had pearls in it. After the lid was dry, I cut the hole in the top and then glued the top onto the box.


My next step was to put the lace around the lid, put the S on the front and then add the flowers. I wanted the flowers to sort of wrap around however the L shape was really cute! I attached them with the e6000 glue.


Finally the acrylic diamonds were added and the ribbon around the hole in the top of the box! I loved it after adding all the final touches and the client did too!

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