Kick it into high gear….

This is Jaylen… you have seen him here before. On this day in the photo he was lucky enough to receive his yellow belt in tae kwon do after testing and all his hard work. Let’s talk a little more about that…

Jaylen was diagnosed with ADHD. He had been labeled a problem student by his previous school and he would come home and be so depressed about being in trouble because of school no matter how hard he was trying to pay attention or focus etc and he was getting nowhere. I moved his school, i got him medication (if you dont think that was right i dont care), and we enrolled him in tae kwon do. This has honestly been the best thing i have ever done for him in my efforts to help. He is learning to be better disciplined without constant at home punishment, he is learning self defense, he is learning teamwork, he has more confidence in himself, and he has been more outgoing ever since. Tiger Kim’s has been a great thing for him.
I know that it can be pricey, but i want you to think about it. You spend money on fast food, starbucks, movies, music, shopoing, makeup and whatever else. Why not invest in your child’s future. They can go on to have a career in this field, they can possibly work at the school they train in, they could have a career in mixed martial arts upon further training… the possibilities are endless. The best thing outside of all of that is that he is learning all the other things above before before these options here in this paragraph can take place. I am proud of my boy!

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