It’s Tuesday

Originally my idea was to do motivational posts on Tuesdays. Lol. Im a failure at life most of the time as you will see if you stick around here but i am super freaking creative, i have so much love to spread and my intentions are good. Anyways… more to the point… i wanted to come on here and go ahead and give somebody out there struggling a little bit of motivation.
I can honestly say i HATE people who say that there is always someone out there that has it worse than you. They can go choke on a pretzel and die, i mean that from the bottom of my heart. I dont subscribe to christianity…. and there went all the chances i ever had of having any followers, but one thing that i appreciate is the thought that “god never gives you more than you can handle” so to someone that you are telling someone has something worse…. do you see that you are inflicting verbal abuse on them? That is all they can handle that is the worst pain they know so dont you dare take that from them. I have decided that at some point i may need to change the name of this blog because this is much more the type of topic i know oh too well. Anyways… i want you all to know out there that you always have my email on the contact page or my comment section to talk to me about what ever you are going through if you feel you have nobody else. Whether your deepest hurt is your cat dying or your phone got taken away, or you have been through some sort of abuse or assult, stress, death, anything…. you will find a way out of it. You can be happy. I can tell you from years of bad decisions and stupid mistakes and constant failure that you have to make changes within yourself to move forward. I have been telling myself that i am going to do this blog, i am going to get another job, i am going to lose weight, i am going to move, i am going to get my licence, i am going to do this or that… and it never happens because i get the great idea and just keep thinking it.. it has to be done! You cant say you want to build a bridge and expect it to show up the next day. I learned that i had to take steps for things to happen. The embarrassment of starting this blog and having two posts up.. even one post about all the content i want to cover and then nothing else to show… motivated me to continue once i started! Just like that, i might not post every day but when i get the chance to sit down and write things out and organize my thoughts, i end up with blog posts. No they arent as good as i want them to be, they dont match my name, they dont look as fancy as other bloggers, i dont know how to post my adds and how to have my affiliate links up etc but i will because now that I have forced myself into this thing that i have wanted, i have to keep up!
Moral of the story: no matter what you want, what you are trying to do or whatever… PLEASE NEVER GIVE UP! Keep pushing forward until there is nowhere else to go, until you have to set new goals for yourself to accomplish. Keep pushing! I am here for anyone, i have been through enough that i can pretty much relate to anyone in almost any situation and even if i couldnt, i have the shoulder to cry on and the ear to listen. Keep smiling no matter how deep the pain, keep pushing no matter how heavy the obstacle, and keep climbing no matter how high the goal! Don’t let anyone steel the sun from your sky.


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