12th Grade Graduation!

So, I guess this may have seemed like it was going to be about me… HA! NOT!


On Friday June 2nd, we all piled into the car and made the 6 hour hike to Baltimore. When I say “we” I mean myself, my son, my aunt, and BOTH of my furbabies! It was and interesting ride with a 1 year old hyperactive “puppy” who has never been more than 30 minutes in the car. We finally made it to Baltimore around 10 pm. We unpacked my son and my dogs to my mom’s house and then proceeded to drive an hour away back in the opposite direction to our hotel for the trip.



We went Saturday morning to Towson University (GO TIGERS) to watch my sister graduate high school. I was so excited to see her walk across the stage. There were a lot of kids in her class to graduate which was nice to see in this day and age. The graduation was pretty quick and was very nice. Congratulations Brianna, Class of 2017! We know you will go on to do great things!




What do you remember the most about your high school graduation? Leave your comments below!

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