Faux Marble Table Top

Recently, i have developed a love for all things marble! I do enjoy the marble/light wood/gold (or rose gold) combination. I have a bathroom floor that is one piece of roll out viynl faux tiles and it is rippling and a complete mess. When i was considering refinishing it, i was trying to think what i could want to put down. With the help of one of my favorite YouTubers i decided that i would do white marble peel and stick viynl tiles. Below i will post her videos that got this whole idea going. 

I have a set of drawers like the Ikea Alex drawers except there are 7 and they were cheaper and free shipping. The only downside is that they are more shallow but i make it work… honestly i probably need one more 😉. Anyways… i wanted to preserve the top of it so that it doesnt get all scratched up and ruined by the people who share my bathroom and always put their own things there etc. So i thought why not cover the top with marble contact paper?! Amber Scholl (aka the youtuber mentioned above) covered her bathroom counter top with white marble contact paper!!! I loved it. I did attempt to purchase from the link that she provided for hers but i then found it for $6.97 in Lowes hardware store and decided not to use the etsy seller. Now that i have done the top i am considering doing the front trim and the sides but i will wait until my floor is updated before i make my final decision.
ANYWAY- i covered the top of the shelving unit and my hair tool holder.. which is really a magazine holder.. i will put a photo of that as well down below. Here goes my “DIY faux marble table top”. 

Step Onei took some windex on a paper towel and cleaned the top of the drawer unit. I got my contact paper, some scissors, a ruler, and an old credit card. 

Step Twoi really messed this part up… i “measured” but not really. If you look really closely at the photo, you will see a red mark after the 10. That is lip liner because i didnt bring a pen. So i measured the top and then used the ruler to measure the contact paper…. it was way to big but i decided i could cut it off after…. HORRIBLE IDEA PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT!

Step Three- i started to lay down the contact paper and smooth it out with this bendy ruler. BIG MISTAKE AS YOU WILL SEE IN THE NEXT PHOTO. It was working ok but the edges were off because of my poor measurement.


I was so sad… i almost cried. So i pulled it all off the top that had already been laid until the rip and threw it away.

Step Four- i actually measured and cut correctly! Taking the card (not the ruler) and gently spreading out the air bubbles as i went so that it laid flat. 

Here is the finished product! I am so excited about it. I love it! 

If you try this or something similar at home tag me in the photos on instagram @kali_kamala so that i can see!




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