The Weeknd

💜 So May 17th, The Weeknd came to Charlotte, NC and i went to see him 💜


The concert was amazing. I was mostly thrilled that he did songs from old and new. My seats were terrible but that didnt make a difference. The air was filled with weed smoke and fog from the machine and everybody was singing and dancing… i mean everybody!

You could barely hear him at some times because we were so loud as a group.

The hour and a half ride was so totally worth it, the nosebleed seats were worth it, the over priced food was worth it! The ONLY thing that i was upset about was the prices of the merch. Almost $60 for a shirt…. $40 for a hat, $25 for a poster that didnt even have a fake mass printed signature on it… i was sad. But i did commit a crime and purchase 3 $10 bootleg tshirts outside after the concert… oh well.

I thought that his entrance was pretty good. I wont spoil the show for anyone who is going to go see it but personally, I thought it was pretty cool. The show went on forever it seemed like but I was not opposing the length by any means. Each performer came back out for an encore performance and the weekend did one last song. On the way to Charlotte, we looked up the set list for the concert. I never knew you could do that LOL. It was pretty close to accurate I think two songs may have had their places switched as the blogger typed them all out but it was everything I could have hoped for even with the horrible seats.


What is your most memorable concert experience? Let me know! Send in photos if you want, i would love to see them!


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