The Trusty Denim Jacket

It has been a long time since I have been here at this point. I felt a little like a failure when I looked and saw that the scheduled posts had not even posted *sigh*. So here I am trying to redeem myself by coming on and editing all the scheduled posts. This weekend will be a big weekend followed by many more so I am working hard today to make sure this doesn’t happen again!

I have been seeing a lot of enamel lapel pins for sale lately and I’m like…. “what do you do with them?” I found the answer! I dug out my trusty denim jacket and got to work. I only have a few pins so far… make that 8 in total. I was in a mood where I had decided I wanted to take my weight loss reward trip to Japan. Agree seeing the amount of money my travel partner would need to save and it not being realistic for them, we changed it to somewhere tropical. Anyways, i got these sushi pins at Claire’s and Forever 21. The other 3 are from a local used book store. I absolutely love them and i cant wait to get more so i can space these out. The funny thing is that I dont even like sushi! I started looking on etsy for the pins and OMG $10 each? Ugh 😣 im going to have to outsource this project to or something. 

I do however despite my bickering about the prices of the pins on etsy, have a cart full of about $180 worth of pins 😁 dont judge me. Maybe one day i will go in there and click the purchase button but for now im sticking to shopping around for them cheaper. 

How do you style your denim jackets? Plain? Buttons? Patches? Paint? Lace? Sweatshirt hoods? Sleeveless? Rhinestones? Studs? Comment and let me know! I would love to see them as well! Anyone who sends in photos will have their jacket posted here at the end of the post 😘

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