DIY Party Decor

My event planning company has a 60th birthday to do soon. I did some research and found out that the 60th birthday is the “golden birthday”. The decor for the cake table includes a 6 and a 0 that is made of the same cardboard like material as the box that I used for the […]

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Trying to Grow

Recently, I have been learning a lot about how to grow my blog and how to help raise money to take care of my son as well as myself. One thing that someone suggested to me was Patreon. I met her on youtube. She told me that the thing that she uses to help pay […]

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Urban Decay- Naked Heat

OMG OMG OMG! So I have been under a rock for a couple weeks I guess. I forgot all about the Urban Decay release. *sigh* So I am here today to talk about this >>NEW<< palette and show the photos that I have gracefully swiped off of Urban Decay’s website. I am obsessed with this […]

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Re-purposed Dresser Drawer

I have been watching my aunt in the garage painting furniture for the past month or so. She started with a chest of drawers and has refinished it and fixed the top of it so that it takes baskets instead of the two top drawers. Long story short, I have been gifted those drawers to […]

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Motivational Thoughts…

I have always wondered why I can not follow through with things. Then one day it hit me. I have no self confidence, I have no self esteem, I have no faith in my abilities. I have been raised to just let life wash over me like a tidal wave and take it.. drowning and […]

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